Jolene and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who enjoyed the weekend with us. What a great crowd, its amazing to have that many people in one spot in close quarters with all the action going on and have no problems, no fights, no complaints, no whining. All I heard was praise for everything that happened by everyone and for everyone. It made me feel great to have so many people come up to me, introduce themselves and say that this is their first time here and they are blown away with how everyone is so friendly here and how they feel so welcome and that out of years and years of car shows and parties that our little get together is by far the best thing they have ever attended. I got told that over and over again, I love it ! Karma, Treat people good and they treat you good... I did not make one phone call to ask for help doing this party, Everyone called me and said "Hey Jess I'll do this or I'll do that or What can I do" You Guys are the ones that deserve the praise. Working the door, selling shirts, working raffles, setting tents up chairs up , cooking on a smokey Grill for 6 hours straight, Thats hard work and you crazy bastards always volunteer to do it, Thanks Your great friends and comrades . How about my neighbors? The best a fella could ask for, alot of them were here and they arent even into cars but they still rally behind me and support our wild side without complaining or causing trouble , Great people around here. All of you that came and contributed to the party donation, then bought shirts then raffles 50/50 etc etc, Thankyou. Without this support this party would have to stop, its just to big now and to time consuming to take a loss on but you guys always support us and never let us take a hit. You are a loyal Damn bunch of people. Thanks for all of you that cleaned up the trash out front, I made an announcement at the road to please pick shit up so the front of the house didnt look trashy. Not expecting much I was amazed the next day when I walked out there it was spotless. Classy people. I dont know who did what but thankyou for listening understanding and taking charge, You Rock! The guys that did all the wheel work out front...Wow. Thanks, you guys are the real deal. Lots of other things to say and people to thank but I'll wrap it up with a Big Thanks to my Wife Jolene. She puts up with Me and all my wild ideas and my Wild friends. With a smile on her face and always encouraging she makes us feel welcome and loved. A class act through and through and if it wasnt for her this wouldnt happen. Next time you see her give her a hug and say thanks for the great memories Jolene. Thanks you guys. Jesse